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Martin counts himself very fortunate for having the opportunites of playing with many fine musicians.



Martin is a member of both of these 2 versions of this very talented band. Chris Watson is an Ibanez artist and has played on no1 hits as well as in bands of major artists. The music is Jazz-based blues, swing and latin and Martin plays percussion using a variety of instruments and adds colour and groove to the music. 


Played many successful gigs across the country (including playing at the Cambridge Folk Festival and a very well received one in Belgium recently) STRANGEWORLD (described as an" alternative folk band") was very popular an successful and was run by the well known folk artist Bryan Coulson. The CD, Demons Within, gets regular radio airplay and recieved great reviews. Martin was STRANGEWORLD'S percussionist and again he used a wide range of unusual and interesting sounding instruments.


Strangeworld CD     click here for info

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